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A finger puppet play freely adapted from H. C. Andersen’s fairy tale

Viggo Sommer: Music
Birgit Rastrup: Puppeteer
Set design: Viggo and Birgit
Finger puppets: Birgit

ImageViggo Sommer
Plays the bugle, wooden flute, transverse flute, clarinet, a 100-year-old banjo with violin bow, the riti - an African violin - and a one stringed Indonesian instrument. He has performed with the Hesbjerg Children’s Theatre from the beginning. He takes part in all the performances as a musician, actor and set designer.

ImageBirgit Rastrup has performed with Hesbjerg Children’s Theatre since 1978 as an actor, puppeteer and set designer. She makes her own theatre puppets, stick, hand and finger puppets.
She appeared in the film The Light and the Darkness as the witch Hanna.
Since 2002, she has taken part in the H. C. Andersen parade in Odense as the witch in The Tinderbox.

The play opens in 2008.Image

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