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Church decoration
of children preparing for confirmation and juniors

Carried out by
Fairy Tales and Art
By Birgit Rastrup

Since the year 2000, Fairy Tales and Art has had an exciting co-operation with vicar Sanne Langkilde in Næsbyhoved Broby, Odense and 25 pre-confirmation children. Over two periods of ten hours each, together with Sanne and the teachers from Spurvelund School we have helped each child decorate their own little wooden altarpiece. We have learned about the different colours, sketches, painting techniques, subjects and the completion of the piece. Instruction has been divided into two periods: before Christmas, with Christmas subjects, and before Easter, with Easter subjects.


Similarly, over the past two years we have had a very productive co-operation with vicars Lene Nørgaard and Dennis Jessen at the Næsby vicarage in Odense. In 2002, together with 66 confirmation children and the two priests, we made a large 3-part altar piece measuring 2.40 by 2.40 meters, inspired by the old wandering altarpieces. The subjects for the painting were the Holy Spirit and the story of Easter, with the life and crucifixion of Jesus, linked together by Church symbols. In the 20 hours the confirmation candidates had to work with the altar piece, they managed to make sketches, paint edges, learn color techniques and complete the picture on each of their own little pieces, which were finally put together for the big altarpiece. The piece was consecrated and used at Næsby Vicarage while the church was being restored, and it is still up for contemplation at the vicarage.

In 2003, we made small altarpieces with scenes from the life of Jesus together with 25 junior confirmation pupils and vicar Lene Nørgaard.

At the vicarage in Næsbyhoved-Broby, Viggo, Sanne – the vicar, Per and pupils from the 4th grade at Spurvelund School, Odense.


Viggo Sommer
Comes from a family of artists; his father Stig Sommer was a painter and ceramist. Viggo has studied at the Århus Academy of Arts, and has had his own workshop since 1970. He has exhibited his paintings numerous times in Denmark and abroad. For ten years, Viggo has taught a painting workshop at Ringe State Prison. Over a period of five years, he has decorated two schools in Odense: Spurvelund School and Søhus School.
- For more information, see Exhibitions.

Birgit Rastrup
Is a weaver by training, and has had her own workshop since 1969 and exhibited her textile sculptures, tapestries, masks and shields at separate exhibitions as well as together with the Funen Handicraft Workers Society at several occasions across the country as well as in the other Scandinavian countries and in Europe.
Since 1969, she has also taught these creative subjects to children and adults alike.
- For more information, see Exhibitions.

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